Building a land just for kids.

VML positioned LEGOLAND Florida as the one and only resort built for kids in a Florida market cluttered with theme park competition. We began handling traditional and digital work and soon expanded into every level of brand development, from product creation to partnership opportunities.

By innovating special services like LEGOLAND Times, a monster cleanup service, and even LEGOLAND Dollars, the first-ever currency for kids to be listed on an international exchange board, we were able to go beyond advertising LEGOLAND as a place designed for kids, and instead helped create it. 

Case study

Reinventing the GPS for kids


When it comes to family vacations, parents prefer road travel because it gives them more control and quality time as a family. But after a short time in a packed car, the trip becomes all about "Are we there yet?"


A GPS built for kids that starts the LEGOLAND adventure the moment families leave home, by transforming the drive into a LEGO-themed ride.


In Quest to LEGOLAND, as kids travel to LEGOLAND, they can follow LEGO Minifigures on themed routes mapped in real-time GPS. Along the way, they unlock themed missions, answer trivia, and learn about the world around them as landmarks they pass pop up on-screen right before their eyes.

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