A partnership beyond marketing and medicine.

In 2014, healthcare IT firm MedHost tapped VML to provide a digital roadmap and to build a complete digital ecosystem from the ground up. In less than a year, we exceeded their goals and made the brand a leader in their industry.

What truly makes our partnership a success is our shared goal of connection with a purpose. Together, we help consumers connect with their wellness and help doctors collect relevant data, which makes healthcare a collaborative effort between patients and physicians.

Currently, VML continues to serve MedHost with end-to-end capabilities from technical development and channel planning to brand strategy and advertising.

Case study

Making heath management manageable.

MedHost, a national provider of resource-management software and systems to hospitals and clinics, was a well-established B2B brand, but planned to branch out into the B2C space. The brand had an opportunity to benefit consumers while increasing efficiency of its healthcare facility clients. The only obstacle: patients weren’t engaging enough to help either party.


Get patients to engage in their own wellness and drive organic consumer traffic to healthcare facility portals to provide relevant data to providers.


A web and mobile platform that empowers patients to aggregate data from wearable devices, access medical records, and find current, relevant content, all through a custom portal based on behavior, location and profiles for a personalized experience.


VML developed the platform in half the time expected and launched in only eight months, earning great accolades and press in mid-2015. So far, we've already seen consumers become more engaged and informed about their health through the site and app.