Passions Run Deep

Authentic connection isn’t just what we work toward — it’s been a part of VML since the beginning. 

In 1992, our founders, John Valentine, Scott McCormick and Craig Ligibel, set out to create a closely integrated agency that was more versatile and nimble, and embraced collaboration with clients. We’re often asked what VML stands for. It is simply a combination of our founders’ last initials that create our agency name. 

VML built a strong partnership with our first client, Northwest Airlines, moving quickly from project work to taking on the airline’s entire national account. Our founding client, Christopher Clouser, recognized our initiative.

“I've been privileged to work with most of the major agencies in the world and have found that VML listens and learns their clients' businesses and their needs better than others. It's a virtue they are committed to.” 

This partnership set a strong precedent for our commitment to providing 360-degree solutions for our clients.

Our founders soon brought on Matt Anthony as a fourth partner, who played a critical part in VML’s growth for years. While these four are now pursuing new adventures, they remain a part of the VML family spirit and community. Continuity has always been important at VML, as demonstrated by the many original VMLers who are now long-time members of our executive team, including Jon Cook, Eric Baumgartner and Mike Yardley.

VML’s commitment to constant innovation and reinvention has helped us evolve our capabilities; take on new, exciting work; and grow to be a leading global agency network. Despite all this, our mission is steadfast: create inspiring connections that move brands forward.