An unparalleled view into the world of online commerce and shopping behavior to help you win online

The new 2023 report presents a truly global view of online shopping behavior and will help retailers and brands understand the trends they need to act upon today, and strategically plan for in the future, to succeed online.

Examining where and how consumers are spending, the customer experience, new channels (including working from home, gaming and social), sustainability, technology and much more, it’s a critical read for brands, retailers and marketplaces.

Download the report now and find out what 31,000+ consumers across 18 countries told us about shopping online.

The Future Shopper 2023

Zakupy online na fali

Omni-channel to nie opcja, to konieczność

Jak zakupy, to na platformach

Sprzedaż bezpośrednia nie poddaje się łatwo

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Bartosz Kordecki

Business Director

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Hugh Fletcher

Head of Thought Leadership

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