In response to alarming trends where 99% of sea turtle hatchlings were born female due to rising nest temperatures, Banana Boat partnered with the Colombian Sea Turtle Conservation Program to pioneer a sustainable solution: Parity Shelters. These domes, crafted from organic materials and inspired by the shape of sea turtle shells, effectively lower nest temperatures by 4 degrees Celsius. This breakthrough aims to restore gender balance among sea turtle populations globally.

The Parity Shelters CASE

In recent years, rising global temperatures have significantly skewed the sex ratio of sea turtle hatchlings, threatening the long-term survival of various species. Traditional conservation efforts were insufficient to mitigate the impact of warming sand temperatures during the crucial incubation period.

Inspired by the natural form of sea turtle shells, Parity Shelters were conceived as a sustainable intervention to regulate nest temperatures. Collaborating with artisans, biologists, and designers, these shelters were designed using organic materials that integrate seamlessly into the nesting beach ecosystems.

Implemented across multiple countries including Colombia, Mexico, Turkey, and Guinea-Bissau, Parity Shelters have protected over 1,345 nests and ensured the hatching of 253,000 eggs with a balanced sex ratio. The initiative has also supported 32+ allied conservation programs worldwide, demonstrating its scalability and impact within the global conservation community.

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