We created a power outage inside Fortnite to force gamers in Mexico to test the power of the new Duracell Optimum batteries. In complete darkness and against time, gamers had to retrieve the batteries hidden on the map so the light could return. 

Their games were streamed via Twitch to introduce the iconic brand's new batteries to a new generation.

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We dared to present the new Duracell Optimum batteries to a new generation of consumers in their language, with a brand experience that increased sales and established new metrics for the brand. The design of this end-to-end experience reassured the power of a well-developed creative strategy and that a gaming action is not only engagement but a great universe and metaverse to explore.

Anibal Cortes

Chief Strategy Officer - VML Mexico

Duracell launched a new battery with much more power and durability, but young people have no relationship with the brand because they usually only charge joysticks and never use batteries.

New generations spend a lot of time gaming, believing they will never need a battery there.

To show the power of the new Duracell Optimum, we decided to "force" gamers to test them. So, we cut the light in Fortnite. In complete darkness and with just a flashlight, many gamers and top Twitch streamers joined the game to find batteries and regain power.

It was the first product test that you could do with your eyes (almost) closed.

Gain brand attributes in gamers such as a battery that offers a "new generation of power," "improves the performance of my devices," and "most powerful batteries."*

We grew the market share by 26% in the premium category in just three months. And we exceeded the goal from 5.3 to 5.8.

We increased value in the category despite the competition's promotions. The price per stack increased by 6% (From 1.14 $USD to 1.21 $USD).

*Source: Kantar/Twitch Advertising


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2022 IAB México

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