VML is part creative agency, part marketing consultancy, and part technology company.

Data is critical to modern marketing - it enables better decisions and better connected experiences that drive more growth.

Our data experts help our clients develop the right data strategy; manage data effectively; apply analytics and AI to inform insight and decision-making; and activate data to deliver more powerful and effective experiences.


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Data strategy and management

We help our clients become more effective marketers by understanding the data capabilities they need in order to deliver the best customer experiences. This improves the return on their marketing investment.

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Analytics and insight

We deliver consumer insights, customer segmentation and performance analysis using applied AI and machine learning. This helps our clients optimize their marketing and make better decisions.

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Data activation

We help our clients use data to deliver more personal and powerful brand, customer and commerce experiences.

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Use AI creative testing to optimise your marketing campaigns.

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A consultative methodology enabling brands to create a practical and comprehensive approach to data ethics.

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Data Work


Vaccination Readiness Model

Identifying vaccine readiness with data-driven targeting solutions
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Multinational Oil and Gas Company

A journey of digital transformation

Accelerating CRM and loyalty transformation from mass customised offers to personally relevant rewards
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woman in supermarket
Leading Hospitality Client

Operationalizing people-based marketing at scale

Driving loyalty marketing towards a personalized approach by delivering a segmentation solution
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Vanishing Emails

When promotional emails expire, their carbon footprint cuts back
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Rip Curl
Has ocenění

Rip Curl Virtual Pro

The World’s First Virtual Surfing Competition
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Data Insights

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8 Steps to optomizing your automation strategy

An eight step guide on how to optimize your existing or new marketing automation strategy.
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woman wearing a mask looking at her mobile phone

How Brands Can Leverage Community to Bolster the Customer Experience

A strong customer community base can be beneficial in addressing consumer needs and can lead to improved customer experience.
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Data Privacy HERO

The Data Privacy and Security Report

Customer Views and Brand Implications
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