We help our clients use data to deliver more personal and powerful brand, customer and commerce experiences.

Reaching your audience is one thing. Connecting with them in a personalized way at scale requires automation driven by AI and data insights.

We enable you to humanize the relationship between your brand and audience at scale – creating connected experiences in owned channels, paid media, CRM, customer service, point of sales, commerce, and more. We do this by transforming the customer experience through personalization and omnichannel orchestration while respecting customers’ data privacy.

Whether you are just starting the automation and personalization process or at an advanced stage, we can help you to mature your practice, as we do with many of the world’s leading brands.

We tailor our offering according to your needs, giving input in specific areas or as an end-to-end solution. Our expertise spans the following disciplines, allowing you to create effective connections with your audience at every touchpoint.

  • Marketing automation vision, strategy and roadmap: We translate buzzwords into a concrete and meaningful vision, outlining your future customer engagements. We define what success looks like by building business cases that ensure a strong ROI in the short and long term. We break your marketing automation plan down into manageable stages through an operating model that continuously deliver value on short cycles.
  • Operating Model & Processes: We optimize your operating model and re-engineer your key processes to ensure efficiency and accelerated adoption and maturity.
  • Data and insights: We build compelling value propositions to enable optimal data and permission capture across all touchpoints. We design, build, and connect single customer profiles for insights, analytics, segmentation, and AI.
  • Content and experience: We establish content platforms and frameworks to enable you to efficiently create and individualize content at scale, along with advanced test and optimization strategies.
  • Technology: We maximize the value of your current tech stack, advise on beneficial upgrades, and configure the right marketing technology solutions to meet your needs.
  • Operations and support: We manage entire campaigns across all time zones and accelerate your maturity level in an efficient and scalable way.

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