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Introducing Reveal

Reveal is VML’s AI creative testing solution that helps our clients evaluate their advertising and brand assets with a core target audience.

Reveal changes the way creative testing is done by measuring the attention and the emotional connections that people have with brand content.

Developed by VML’s team of data specialists and technologists, Reveal is a proprietary product that uses the latest AI technology to measure a target participant audience’s attention and emotional responses to brand content through real-world environments.

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How it works

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Reveal enables brands to measure the link between human emotions and creative communications, in a busy world where it's harder and harder for brands to catch and keep people's attention.

Through a panel of core target audience participants, Reveal can observe reactions, micro-expressions, and changes in muscle movement in the face. These unconscious movements show genuine emotional responses which are involuntary and authentic, and map the changes to emotional states using an AI-powered emotions detection model developed by Wunderman Thompson. This cutting-edge AI technology can accurately assess emotional reactions to brand content in real-time.

These movements are unconscious but show genuine emotional responses, on a second-by-second and frame-by-frame basis highlighting the emotional peaks and valleys so brands can accurately know when the viewer is paying attention, getting immersed in the story, and forming emotional connections.

As a result, brands can test different video edits, headlines, images, copy, and more, to understand what works best for the target audience and ultimately optimise their creative communications and foster deeper connections with their target audience. Most importantly the process is completely consent-based, and no personal data is stored beyond the time required for analysis.

Reveal is a game-changer for creative testing. Not only because it allows brands to test a larger audience, faster, and more cost-effectively than traditional methods, but it also delivers a far richer understanding of how to improve the creative performance of branded content, based on the data and insights collected.

David Lloyd

Managing Director of Data - EMEA, VML

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