VML Colombia has created Ford's most successful call to action in Colombia.

By teaming up with Carlos Vives, one of the most important Colombian artists in the world, we brought to life a legendary song inspired by our Ford cars that had never been recorded before. This became a hit on local radios and streaming platforms, and a series of sold-out shows brought the brand closer to Colombia's culture.

Typically, brands want to connect with their people, but for a brand like Ford to begin to be part of the Colombian culture, we had to go to the roots, to the origin. This is how we brought to life a song that one of the essential Vallenato icons had dedicated to our vehicles several decades ago and showed that we have always been part of their culture.

Rafael Melo

Client Lead - Ford Colombia

Ford is an American brand that Colombians have felt distant from in the last few years. In such a challenging industry in the country, we needed to reconnect with them to increase our sales.

Inside Rafael Escalona’s belongings, we found a songbook filled with songs that had never been recorded before. One of them was a song he wrote about the car of his dreams: a Ford.

We recorded this song for the first time with Carlos Vives, the 16-time Grammy Winner and one of the most important Colombian artists in the world, to help Ford reconnect with the country, make Colombians feel closer to the brand, and create an organic call to action that made people sing our brand name.

The song took a life of its own, becoming a viral TikTok trend that later evolved into an album, a series of sold-out shows, and a Latin Grammy winner. All while becoming the most successful call to action in Ford’s history in Colombia.

- 1 Latin Grammy for Best Cumbia/Vallenato Album of the Year in the 2023 awards.

- 4.5% Sales increase in 2023, the largest in the country's top 10 leading car brands.

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2023 Latin Grammy Winner

2023 Latin Grammy Winner

Best album Cumbia/Vallenato