A Brand Identity Center of Excellence.

Known for creating iconic designs for global sport brands such as FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Cup, even designing their trophies. Strategically our Portuguese office is recognized for uncovering the connection in all we do.

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What's on offer?

Make the future a reality in our Lisbon office! In Portugal, you have a choice of 5 departments: Strategy, Enterprise Solutions, Client Service, Creative or Design Creative LAB.

Read through the departments and choose the one you resonate with the most.

**Please note the programme in Lisbon is 9 months long**

Apply to start in September 2024!

Discover the departments

Client Service department is responsible for the management, planning and operationalization of all client creative work. The department is the point of contact between the client and the creative team, allowing the creatives to be focusing on their creative work and the client service people to ensure a smooth project management of all work who needs to be done in the agency.

3 skills candidates should have:

Excellent communication skills

Great autonomy and sense of responsibility

Good time management

3 things you will learn:

Communication Skills

Brand and communication strategy

Project Management

Notable clients:

Vodafone, Santander, Wells

A dynamic team of 5 dedicated to uncovering insights that profoundly impact consumer behaviors and drive tangible results for our clients. We operate at the intersection of consumer analysis, market research, and strategic planning, ensuring a comprehensive approach to understanding and influencing consumer actions.

Diversity is at the core of our work, both in terms of the backgrounds and expertise of our team members, as well as the range of projects we undertake.

Here's a breakdown of our team and the diverse areas we cover: Brand Experience, Customer Experience, Creative Commerce.

3 skills candidates should have:


Great presentation skills


3 things you will learn:

Critical and lateral thinking

Strategic Thinking

Continuous Learning

Notable clients:

UNICEF and Vodafone

A note from the manager: "Once you've tasted the thrill of finding a great insight you will become addicted for life"

VML’s Enterprise Solutions offering is a suite of services designed to help businesses and organisations leverage technology to unlock creativity, improve their operations, scale capability, and drive growth.

Focus on innovation, technology and data capability powering BX, Commerce and CX that allows our specialised companies to remain distinct, but offers clients an integrated digital transformation offering.

3 skills candidates should have:



Will to learn

3 things you will learn:

Digital Thinking

Working Methods

Attention to detail

Notable clients:

Vodafone, Unicef, Fifa 2030 Bid

A note from the manager: "As the leader of a team with various skills in different areas ranging from programming, creativity and data and reports, I believe that we manage to have a relaxed and cooperative atmosphere, with humour being a common practice in our day-to-day lives. We take our work seriously, with responsibility but with a sense of humour. We try to have moments of leisure and team-building activities, whether at the agency or after work hours. We try to pass on as much knowledge as we can and also learn from our people. We just organised for all VML Agency the 1st Oscars Contest."

The Design Creative LAB Department is responsible for a unique fusion of creativity and technology. Unlike the traditional Creative Department, this department integrates technology into its creative process, excelling in optimizing processes using platforms that expedite campaign adaptation to various formats, considering their intended media. They are also adept at creating optimized and segmented newsletters, with capabilities for global implementation to cater to clients with multiple markets.

Beyond crafting visual identities, they transform these into immersive brand experiences, extending their expertise to content creation for social networks, brand activation, digital campaigns, and interactive presentations.

Utilizing innovative tools like Synthesia, an AI-powered platform, they create professional training videos without traditional equipment or actors. In the Design Creative LAB, ideas are brought to life through technological solutions, turning them into innovative experiences. They understand the enhancing power of technology in the creative process, presenting new platforms for creativity to exist on and come from.

3 skills candidates should have:

Creative Bravery

Problem-solving skills

Thinking out of the box

3 things you will learn:


Structured Thinking

Continuous Learning (This field is constantly evolving, with new tools, technologies, and trends emerging all the time. Therefore, one must be committed to continuous learning to stay up-to-date and maintain a creative edge.)

Notable clients:

Montepio Associação Mutualista, Santander, Intermarché

The Creativity department is responsible for transforming ideas into impactful solutions, from the development of 360º campaigns to creative commerce.

This department works closely with other departments, such as Client Service and Strategy, to ensure that their ideas align with the client's objectives.

The creative department at VML is rich in courage, determination, and experience. It is a team composed of people with different skills, interests, and backgrounds, which makes the creative department a living organism where creating, experimenting, and problem-solving happens organically.

3 skills candidates should have:

Problem-solving ability

Passion for creativity

Skilled storytellers

3 things you will learn:

Strategic thinking

Capacity to pitch an idea

Ability to analyse situations from various viewpoints

Notable clients:

Vodafone, Leroy Merlin, Santander

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