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How to make your content flawless, on-brand, diverse, inclusive, accessible, and compliant with all brand and legal requirements.

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Brand Guardian is an AI-driven platform ensuring your content is consistent, compliant and inclusive.

With the proliferation of channels in today’s digital world, the quest to maintain branding compliance and consistency is constant, as consumer demand for content continues to grow across every touch-point. For many organisations it’s critical – to avoid legal risks and be able to continue to trade, in the case of regulated industries where wrong information can impact consumers’ lives. And in an age of heightened social awareness, how correctly is your brand being presented everywhere it appears?

But how do you manage the thousands of assets at any one time to fulfil the extraordinary burden on content delivery? You create an AI-based solution to do the heavy lifting. And, with help from Microsoft, that’s what we did.

Powered by AI, Brand Guardian has been shown to increase asset quality, compliance and reduce asset review time by 74-92% & cost by 50-83%. Clients are also reporting ROI of up to 4.5.

How does it work?

Brand Guardian is a flexible SaaS product with out-of-the-box features, which makes it easily deployable as an off-the-shelf solution – with the added benefit of being highly customisable for specific client use cases. It simply plugs into your existing production process to review your assets – images, video and text - and provide invaluable insights in minutes.

Delivering maximum impact

Brand Guardian has three key applications where it can make a significant difference:

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

As an intelligent content quality management system, Brand Guardian is based on an AI-platform. Our Building Better Experiences survey confirms the rapid rate of adoption of AI:

  • In Brand Governance, while only 35% are relying on AI for brand governance currently, double that number say they will use AI in this context in future.
  • In Compliance, while 47% of IT and marketing decision-makers are plugging AI into regulatory compliance today, 79% expect to in the future.
  • In Accessibility, where 46% are using AI to help with accessibility assurance now, 70% expect to in future.

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