Unlock the full potential of your brand by mastering every aspect of the customer journey. From CRM and Personalization to Omnichannel and Customer Data, our comprehensive suite of services is designed to create unforgettable experiences that drive loyalty, growth, and success.

Discover, engage and delight your customers like never before. At VML Prague, we’re experts in designing tailor-made customer journeys that not only attract potential clients but also find ways how to keep them hooked in the long run.

Customer journey mapping is an important strategic approach to better understanding consumer expectations and is crucial for optimizing customer experiences. The journey leads us through each consumer touchpoint to identify their needs at the right moment. Only then can we offer a relevant product, information or care, and guide customers through the entire purchasing process while maintaining a seamless overall customer experience.

Our CRM services help you transform customer data into actionable insights that help with better segmentation of your audience, personalizing content, streamlining sales, marketing processes and to measure, analyse and optimize.

Only a loyal customer base can fuel your brand’s success. Let us help you nurture lasting relationships and turn your customers into passionate supporters who keep coming back for more.

Our loyalty programs are based on truly understanding customer behavior and needs. We systematically analyze data we collect from customers and use that information for highly personalized communication (offers, promos, content).

We are masters of the art and science of crafting tailor-made experiences that speak directly to your customers’ unique needs, preferences, and emotions.

We're here to help you connect, engage, and convert your customers across every touchpoint.

Transform raw data into actionable strategies and drive your brand’s success.

See how we're improving the customer experience and designing new products and services, not just online.


CL Dr Max Family 018

Dr.Max SubClubs

Improving Dr.Max’s most successful loyalty program ever

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Customer Care for Kärcher

Improving CX in e-commerce

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Personalized offers

Globus Bonus is an outstanding, highly personalized loyalty program with individualized offers. The program is special due to its three main pillars - satisfied customers, higher sales and Globus supplier engagement.

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Refresh of Shell ClubSmart

We refreshed Shell’s original loyalty program making it more attractive for customers while maximizing value. Perfect segmentation and marketing automation replanted the roots for highly effective personalized communication.

We believe in the power of individual.



Kristyna Ochvatova

Kristýna Ochvatová

Chief Strategy Officer

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Katka Dolezalova

Kateřina Doležalová

CRM & Loyalty Director

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Jan Ambroz DSC 5377m

Jan Ambrož

UX Director

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Martin Danhelka

Martin Daňhelka

Business Director

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