B2B eCommerce worldwide is forecast to surpass $20 trillion by 2027, growing at an annual rate of 17.5%.

With online already accounting for 49% of all purchases, it’s not surprising that B2B customers are demanding more. In fact, 92% of buyers say they are looking for a B2C experience when making business purchases. We’ve teamed up with our technology partner Sitecore to delve into what really matters to B2B buyers.

Using data gleaned from our B2B Future Shopper report, we’ve sifted through current pain points and dissected the components of user-centric, omni-channel experiences to create the B2B Vendor Series. The series will comprise of four guides that each take a deep dive into the key ingredients of successful B2B commerce experiences that inspire growth: personalization, performance, marketplaces and search.

Personalizing the B2B commerce experience, Driving performance in B2B commerce, Why marketplaces are a must for omni-channel B2B and The value of search in B2B buying journeys are available here now.

Personalization Main Vid
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Personalizing the B2B commerce experience

This guide outlines the rationale for adopting a customer-centric approach built around personalization, helping B2B vendors to lock in customer loyalty throughout client relationships.

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Driving performance in B2B commerce

In this guide we explore the shift towards modern composable platforms that is giving forward-thinking organisations the flexibility, scalability and performance to meet growing demand.

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Why marketplaces are a must for omni-channel B2B

Why marketplaces are a must for omni-channel B2B

96% of B2B buyers switched some suppliers during the course of the pandemic, and the big winners were marketplaces. This guide showcases the winning attributes of marketplaces and what brands can learn from them to bolster their own omni-channel strategies.

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The value of search in B2 B buying journeys

The value of search in B2B buying journeys

Our research underlined the critical value of search in B2B commerce today, with buyers voting with their feet if they can’t find what they want. This guide presents the key elements for your B2B search strategy, to make your digital experience stand out from the crowd.

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