Marketing is far beyond the control of a single human and is becoming more complex by the day. At VML Prague, we inspire brands to grow by navigating the intricacies of connected commerce and bridging the gap between business goals and technical execution.

Our comprehensive approach includes collaboration at all project levels, consulting, transformation services, and cutting-edge software tools developed by our engineering teams. With 54 technology centers across 33 countries and over 50 strategic partnerships with leading technology vendors (such as Adobe, Salesforce, SAP, Sitecore and Acquia and more), we provide seamless support for your digital programs and campaigns worldwide.

As experts in data consulting, marketing science, and data-driven personalization, our team delves into data to uncover consumer insights and customer segmentation. Leveraging applied AI and machine learning, we empower clients to create and optimize captivating, personalized marketing experiences.

We apply technology to lay the foundations for growth. We help you bridge the gap between high-level business goals and technical execution. We design, build, manage and run the complex technology ecosystems with the use of our strategic partnerships with world-leading technology vendors. We provide ongoing management and support for your technology systems, ensuring they remain secure, reliable, and up to date.

Our engineering teams combine world-class technical knowledge with practical experience and have created a host of proprietary software tools that speed up delivery and make you more effective. We design and build content and commerce platforms that enable you to sell your products and services online.

We build cross-platform applications and websites using modern frameworks and content management systems from the original master to localizations, cloning and customizing. We develop web applications and integrate all 3rd party services​. We provide user and security testing services, website optimizations, and monitor performance with strong IT support and platform maintenance.

From defining, developing, maintaining, and customizing modular, responsive, and reusable email templates to their production, either as an ad hoc or automated campaign (using marketing automation tools like AC, SF, ...), we provide ongoing campaign management and support to ensure your email campaigns remain effective and impactful.

Our CDP capabilities enable clients to connect data, systems, and people in a fragmented marketing landscape. We integrate diverse data sources to form a comprehensive 360° customer profile for further use in analytics, AI&ML predictions, segmentations, reporting, and visualization. Our visualizations empower clients to comprehend their data and make informed marketing decisions.

Our marketing automation capabilities streamline clients' marketing goals, enhancing productivity and cost-efficiency. We offer comprehensive services, including campaign automation assessment, strategy and data management consulting, technology recommendations, and full support for integration and maintenance once the solution is implemented and ready to use.

See how we design our technology to be usable by people and how we save development and production costs through system design. Learn more about our UX and CX services here.

For brands, automation is a must if they want to keep up.

Wunderman Thompson Prague


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A fully bespoke solution to scale.

We facilitate the global market‘s adoption of SFMC by envisioning a journey beyond technology implementation.

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Streamlining data never looked this seamless!

We support the travel industry with smart offer management and bring efficiency to marketing communication.

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Delivering over 400 behaviour-based rewards in real time!

Implementing a ground-breaking reward-based program setup featuring a dynamic and highly personalized communication system.


Jiri Maly DSC 2638

Jiří Malý

Connect for leveraging the power of cutting-edge technologies and AI to drive your brand's innovation and digital growth.

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Petr Cimprich

Petr Cimprich

Our website development guru. He researches innovative ways to embrace and implement the latest technology and methodologies to extend the skills, standards and best practices of our development teams.​

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David Novohradsky DSC 2638

David Novohradský

David brings huge expertise in database marketing, data analysis, data science (AI&ML), CRM, marketing automation and direct marketing.

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We Inspire Growth for Ambitious Brands

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We are the largest agency in the Czech Republic, and we specialize in creativity, CRM, marketing technology and global services in all areas of our business. We help major global brands adapt to a rapidly changing market environment.

Globally, we have 30,000 employees in 60 markets around the world. Our consulting services, multi-channel communications and deep customer experience enable clients to overcome their own business challenges.

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