This is how we help health brands make a tangible, positive impact on people's lives

Medical Content

Promotional and Educational Content, Ad Boards, Expert Forums, Publications, Slide Decks, Conferences, Scientific Newsletters, Websites, E-Detail Aids, Leave Behinds, E-mails (direct and reptriggered), Banner Ads, Print Ads.

Across TA’s

Cardiology, Diabetology, Dermatology, Hematology, OBGYN, Neurology, Rare Diseases, Pediatrics, Cardiovascular & Metabolism, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Radiology, Thrombosis, Orthopedics, Immunology & Vaccines

Across Channels

Print, Digital, Video, Websites, Veeva, Social, Commerce, Slide Decks, Displays, Events, In-store/POS, Augmented & Virtual Reality


Label Updates, Product Launches, Modular Content, Personalization At Scale (DCO), Toolkits, Global to Local, Translation, Transcreation

Build & Deploy

Digital Development, Site Builds, Web Publishing, VR/AR, AQ, Deployment, Re-platforming, Component Library, DAM Assembly & Integration, Gaming

Manage & Automate

Workflow, DAM, Annotation Tools, Automatic Routing, Taxonomy, Brand Governance, Ai-based Branding and Checklists, Automated QA, Copy Banks, Media Connectors, Reporting


Wunderman GSK case study web


Find out how to rebrand over 100 Pfizer websites here.

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How we managed to Improving Dr.Max´s most successful loyalty program? Read here.

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Msd vaccine case study l3 process from a2z with wt 720p


Improve customer engagement with the design of a data-driven, locally relevant, multi-market, multi-channel outreach vaccinacion campaign.

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Bronislav Kvasnicka DSC 6207

Bronislav Kvasnička

Executive Director

Bronislav Kvasnicka is our fearless captain and CEO of VML Prague. With a rich history in top-flight marketing leadership, he brings the energy and expertise that keeps VML Prague performing at the highest levels for our clients.

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Galina Vondracek

Gali Vondráček

Business Director

Gali started her career as an Account Manager for several creative agencies. Later she moved to the pharmaceutical sector where she worked her way up to a Brand Manager and later a Marketing Director. She has led some large ATL/BTL projects in CEE. She has also worked in the FMCG segment for a number of years. She now took the opportunity to work on the agency side again and capitalize on all her experience and skills on both local and global campaigns.

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The time has come for healthcare providers to wake up to the modern consumer and start building the alignment, capabilities, and infrastructure to support next-gen marketing in healthcare.

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We are the largest agency in the Czech Republic, and we specialize in creativity, CRM, marketing technology and global services in all areas of our business. We help major global brands adapt to a rapidly changing market environment.

Globally, we have 20,000 employees in 90 markets around the world. Our consulting services, multi-channel communications and deep customer experience enable clients to overcome their own business challenges.

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