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Let's improve the experience of your customers! As we are an agile UX/CX team operating in the largest agency in the Czech Republic, we can deliver both quick wins and complex tailored projects, such as increasing conversions in e-commerce, designing a new website/app, implementing a design system or optimising multiple channels within the customer journey. You can benefit from our unique local and global expertise along with a knowledge base of thousands of projects.

UX & CX Services

We combine qualitative and quantitative research methods to gain customer insight before the design phase. For example:

  • Data analysis
  • Expert review
  • Online survey
  • In-depth interview
  • Focus group
  • Diary study
  • Accesibility audit
  • Competitive analysis
  • Mystery shopping
  • Social listening

Based on the customer insights and business requirements we design mobile/desktop wireframes or interactive prototypes to get quick feedback from customers and stakeholders before the further design and development phase.

Based on the wireframes/prototypes approved by stakeholders and tested by users, we deliver the final user interface design and look & feel for websites, mobile and web applications, e-commerce platforms, emails, newsletters, etc.

We provide rapid user testing at every stage of the design process to validate the design before development. For example:

  • Guerilla user testing
  • Moderated user testing - in person
  • Moderated user testing - online
  • Unmoderated user testing - online
  • A/B testing
  • Heatmaps
  • Card sorting

We define the best possible structure, navigation and flow for your web/app users to meet their needs, business objectives and SEO requirements.

We create component libraries, design systems and brand portals to achieve design consistency across multiple online/offline channels and reduce production costs when it comes creative assets for websites, applications, emails, portals, etc.

We use customer journey mapping to identify the most problematic moments from the customer's perspective, along the journey and across all touchpoints. Focus groups, mystery shopping, social listening and other appropriate research methods help us uncover hidden issues and insights. You will then receive a visual infographic report of our findings, highlighting the issues that need to be improved as quickly as possible.

The aim of our consultancy, mentoring, workshops and training is to equip your teams with specific skills that will enable them to continuously improve UX and CX in your organisation. We can help you to establish a sustainable design process. We can strengthen, enrich and mentor your teams thanks to our long experience with different markets, products, services and local and global expertise.

Our unique tool and service provides its own methodology to improve CX readiness among teams in companies. With tools like online surveys and workshops, we evaluate and improve the CX abilities of each team, channel (website, app, branch), supplier and the company as a whole. At the end, you get an online report with a concrete plan for further steps to improve your CX approach. See more here:

CX Fit Score: Test your CX readiness for free

02 CX Fit Score

Discover the CX readiness of your company in just 5 minutes. Open the free CX Fit Score quiz with the link below and get:

  • Your detailed CX report
  • Benchmark score against competitors
  • Tips for improvement

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