Baby boomers and gen Xers are rewiring their careers and their lives, realigning their retirement with the pursuit of passions and new beginnings. As a result, they’re considering aging in more holistic way, accepting all forms of aging or anti aging as personal preference.

According to Glossy, age longevity is beauty’s next frontier, and experts are reframing the way they speak about and address age in a positive way. “What we call aging is, in reality, a decrease in energy production inside our cells,” New York-based dermatologist Dr. Julie Russak, M.D. told Glossy. “That’s when we start seeing aging as a process.” Rather than masking signs of aging, these experts are breaking down the causes of aging for consumers and offering supportive supplements rather than solutions to address physical changes.

A feature in The Cut unpacks how much pressure people put on approaching middle age, and how people can think about midlife differently. Rather than focusing on the physical changes and aspects that come with each year in life, columnist Amil Niazi asked readers to consider if we allowed ourselves to “age in a generous way, free of the external pressures to wear the right jeans or part our hair in the most youthful way, how much more pleasurable could [aging] be?”

Consumers are looking within to gauge how best to age in their physical and psychological maturation. In an effort similar to those who have embraced quiet quitting and softening ambitions, some people are reconsidering what anti-aging tactics are necessary, deciding what works for them is ‘good enough’ when it comes to aging. Some consumers are choosing to nurture themselves, with gentle or more invasive tactics to defy the inevitable – and anything goes. In another feature by writer Valerie Monroe for The Cut, she advises readers to act on their own “motivation and…strategy, not an unmindful adherence to an impossible beauty ideal.”

Younger generations are already being targeted with these new aging beauty products. SpoiledChild, normally marketed towards gen Z, released a set of anti-aging pills and supplements, rescripting anti-aging with nurturing product alternatives. The line is advertised as a “personalized age-control experience” that includes sustainable, refillable dispensers and capsules.

New aging terminology and ideology is guiding consumers from the inside out, physically and emotionally, encouraging holistic nurturing and self-guided practices to age gracefully.

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