B2B and B2C apps and services are facilitating a new foundation for the future of work and everyday life with the power of AI. At SXSW this year, keynote speaker Ian Beacraft predicts that AI will reshape the future of work. “These systems can become proxies on our behalf,” he said. Instead of having “my people” talk to “your people,” “it might be our AI agents talking with the AI agents of other people.” Read on for our roundup of five companies leveraging AI to make their customer’s lives easier.


Eager travelers can book their summer vacations through Expedia’s ChatGPT feature this year. Launched in the iOS app in early April, customers can chat with Expedia bots for flight, destination, and hotel recommendations. Travel app Kayak also rolled out similar AI recommendations through an app add-on this year.


AI-powered express lanes on TurboTax may allow US constituents to file their taxes in 10 minutes or less. The service is experimenting with a new blueprint for filing each year, where customers answer a few simple questions and carry on. TurboTax, owned by Intuit, is currently testing the feature with customers who have very simple tax situations.


Mailchimp, also under Intuit’s umbrella, now has a GPT-powered AI tool that will automatically write marketing emails for customers. The Email Content Generator was announced in beta mode in April, and selected customers can test its ability to suggest text, rewrite messages, and create new marketing copy that users can drop into existing email formats.

Glass Health

Glass Health, a new San-Francisco based startup, is leveraging AI to expedite services for doctors and healthcare workers for more efficient paperwork and record-keeping practices. In addition to documentation, the tool, called Glass AI, aims to aid doctors in formulating diagnoses and treatment plans for their patients as well.

Tax Heaven 3000

Tax Heaven 3000, produced by MSCHF, is an anime-sim game that online users can use to file their taxes. Users encounter a character, named Iris (a play on IRS), who asks them flirtatious questions about themselves in order to gather adequate information for filing. Once the game is finished, users can download a PDF tax return to mail to the IRS. While not officially recommended by the US government, investigations by TechCrunch did confirm that the information printed out was correct as useable, should users feel comfortable putting that information out online.

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