B2B businesses have faced unprecedented pressures over the past two years. The global pandemic accelerated the need for digital transformation, and most B2B companies retooled to fast-track their digital maturity. They bought software to enable virtual selling and CRM. They reorganized to support increased sales complexity. They infused more data into their efforts. But this came at a cost.

Many B2B organizations now boast large, sophisticated technology stacks across sales and marketing, an almost unlimited stream of customer data, and — most important — eager and talented personnel. But B2B leaders now face a new challenge: “How do we orchestrate these investments we’ve made over the past few years to drive our key business outcomes?”

Seventy-seven percent of B2B customers who responded to a recent Gartner survey called their recent B2B buying experiences “complex” or “difficult.” These suboptimal buying experiences begin and end with misaligned resources and responsibilities. Much like the noise produced from an ensemble of musicians playing simultaneously, but from different pieces of music, harmony is impossible to achieve without intentional orchestration. This results in an increased level of customer dissatisfaction, which negatively impacts a B2B company’s bottom line.

The B2B companies that will emerge as leaders will make orchestration the top priority. They will dedicate the necessary resources and executive buy-in to drive internal cohesion and connectivity; they will integrate and orchestrate.

We built this playbook to share how we’re seeing this opportunity play out across our global footprint. Our intent is to help B2B leaders see around corners and act immediately to accelerate your growth.

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