This year CES produced a new flurry of smart pet technology with devices and solutions for enhanced pet wellness in the home. From smart trackers to optimise health and extend lifespan, through to companion robots to keep pets company, these new gadgets promise nose-to-tail wellness for pets, and peace of mind for pet parents.

Take feeding, or should we say, overfeeding. Resisting puppy dog eyes can be a challenge for indulgent owners, and estimates suggest as many as six out of ten dogs could be overweight or obese today, potentially limiting their lifespan. Australian start-up ilume has developed a smart feeding solution, consisting of an activity tracker and connected bowl that helps to manage a dog’s weight via calorie-controlled individualized nutrition. The system builds a unique algorithmic health profile of each dog, recommending daily portion sizes to suit the pet’s individual daily needs. CEO Craig Silbery tells VML Intelligence that this system “takes out the emotional aspect of feeding. Dogs give us so much unconditional love and it’s hard for us to repay that. We tend to do it by putting more food in the bowl. This takes all of that out, you can just trust the system.”

Minitailz, a biometric tracker for pets by French company Invoxia, offers early detection of potential conditions, with the goal of a longer, healthier life. The device offers medical-grade insights, monitoring heart health, appetite, sleep and activity, providing a complete picture of pet health and flagging any changes which may require intervention.

Other devices at CES cater to pets’ emotional needs, tackling loneliness and separation anxiety through stimulation and play. Ogmen Robotics’ Oro is an intelligent robot that trundles about the home keeping track of your dog and initiating play or training sessions to keep dogs happy and engaged. Oro can even respond to signs of anxiety by playing soothing music. Similarly, Samsung’s Ballie home robot can also interact with pets, dispensing meals via a connected smart feeder and projecting fun videos to entertain. Japanese start-up One by One Music demonstrated its AI model that can compose and play music via laptop or smartphone which is claimed to reduce dogs’ anxiety by up to 84%.

One app even promises to help people gain a deeper understanding of how their pets are feeling. French start-up Neovoice has developed an app which it claims can detect and decode a dog’s emotions, simply by scanning a photo or video. The company plans to extend their technology to other animals, including cats and horses.

With pets firmly ensconced at the heart of the family, CES shows there is a potent opportunity to support owners who want to enrich and extend their animals’ lives.

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