A bright blue box of crackers that reads: Moonshot. A pair of hands with dark skin hold the box and one square cracker just above the open box.

Patagonia is taking its declaration of “going purpose” very seriously. Moving beyond the apparel industry, its food and drink division, Patagonia Provisions announced on 7 March its acquisition of Moonshot, a climate-friendly cracker company. In a statement, Julia Collins, founder of the startup said, “I founded Moonshot with the vision of using the power of food to help tackle climate change. By joining Patagonia Provisions, who recently made Earth their only shareholder, Moonshot now belongs to the planet.”

Colorado-based Quinn Snacks will be adding the “Climate Friendly” label on its 2023 packaging after earning it from American food sustainability rating company, HowGood. Quinn aims to “shake up the food industry by reinventing snacks,” their products include popcorn kernels and pretzels.

Força Foods is another example of a business innovating in the snacking sector. The two-year-old startup converts watermelon seeds into delicious energy bites. The company’s strapline is “save water by snacking” claiming that the superfood seeds contain more protein than almonds and the water footprint is almost 100 times lower than nuts commonly used in energy bars.

Snacking is big business. The global market size is expected to grow from $237.65 billion in 2022 to $256.5 billion this year, according to a January 2023 report by the Business Research Company. As people’s appetite for snacking increases, the need to innovate with climate friendly solutions will be in demand. According to a 2021 global survey in VML Intelligence’s Regeneration Rising report, 89% of people say companies should be doing a lot more to reduce their carbon impact and 88% say brands have a responsibility to take care of the planet and its people.

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