As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to have a major impact on the Irish economy, the fallout has prompted many Irish businesses to explore new opportunities and avenues for growth. Collision, a proprietary framework from the VML network, is a proven methodology for answering critical business questions, inspiring innovation and identifying growth for clients.

Collision streamlines the path to growth and uses agile methodologies, leveraging the global insight, data and talent of the VML network together with Folk’s local intelligence and cultural insight to help Irish businesses navigate what’s next.

Similar in some ways to the innovation frameworks used by the likes of Google Sprint, IDEO and Fjord, yet it is distinct in a number of ways. Firstly, the lenses used for insights are incredibly broad, infused with data, cultural insight and where relevant proprietary insight. Secondly, it is possible to not just build services and products, create new profit models, identify new channels for distribution, but also to adapt the framework to work from brand purpose development, creative platforms and campaigns.

Some of the questions that the Collision process can help your business answer to achieve growth:

  • Are we prepared for changing market conditions?
  • Are there new consumer trends emerging that my brand can credibly tap into?
  • Are we behind competitors in the market in certain product and service areas?
  • Can we make more of new technologies, apps and digital solutions?
  • Can we enhance existing offerings to make them more attractive to our consumers?
  • Are our distribution channels optimised in how we deliver our product/service to customers?
  • Is our brand communications representative of our business strategy and offering?

"Folk VML’s Collision process is a highly effective and agile approach to innovation that enabled our business to identify new market opportunities at pace. Using rich consumer insight, provocative workshop structures and clever interventions, our teams were challenged to think differently about our category and consumers. Folk delivered a potential new market proposition in just 8 weeks that united our commercial and marketing teams behind a clear pathway to growth for our business."
Niall Reynolds, Senior Manager- Brand, Marketing and Communications, Vodafone Ireland

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