During the pandemic, people took the time to explore, experiment with, and understand the food they ate. Now, aspiring gastronomists are liquidating their knowledge, expanding on their understanding of wines and teas in nuanced, extraordinary ways.

Guests at the Genesis House Restaurant in Manhattan have an opportunity to learn from a Korean tea master. On Saturdays and Sundays at 1 pm, guests can learn the etiquette of darye, the Korean tea ceremony, paired with a sampling of teas and snacks. Ashley Lim, the tea master in residence, hosts the sessions at the restaurant’s new tea pavilion.

Former chef Ferran Adrià, who owned the restaurant El Bulli, will now publish more than 20 books covering in-depth analyses of various concepts in gastronomy. His organization, called the El Bulli Foundation, is publishing the series of encyclopedias as part of what it calls the Bullipedia project: volumes of essays and surveys conducted and written by culinary experts.

The first two books, now available in the US, cover wine: “Contextualization and Viticulture” and “Vinification and Classifications.” The volumes include the history, preservation, production, categorization, evolution, and serving of wine. The giant gastro-pedias provide offer professional-level knowledge for interested gastronomists from a western perspective.

The Apple TV+ series “Drops of God” reveals how intense wine tasting and creation can be. The fictional series follows a daughter who inherits her estranged father’s multimillion dollar wine collection. Camille, the daughter, and the father’s esteemed protégé Issei are both tasked with identifying a wine left as a test by the late father. The story develops under pressures from family drama and dysfunction while Camille takes a crash course in wine making and tasting, effectively turning the series into an unofficial education in oenology.

The Intelligence take

Consumers want to expand their gastronomic expertise and are turning to professionals to learn from the best. As skintellectuals uncovered what ingredients best suited their complexions, gastronomes are sipping on intentional, professional lessons to elevate their etiquette and deepen their understanding of their beverage of choice.

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