Gen Zers are congregating in niche online spaces based on common values, interests, and support.


This group chat app connects users to others in their area based on where they are, what they enjoy, and what they want to do. Users can also plan their own events and invite locals through the app.


To connect with other LGBTQ+ members of their local community, gen Zers use Lex to find out about events, groups, and gatherings in their area. The app is queer owned and operated, and hosts a space for members to build relationships and belong.


Diem calls itself a social search engine that aims to close the gender information gap. It specializes in hosting candid social, political, cultural, and economic conversations for women and from a female perspective.

Somewhere Good

Users on this app can find new spots or activities in their area based on their interests. Subcategories include various types of art, poetry, meditation, supper clubs, yoga and more.


For the avid learner and user with a constant case of curiosity, Melon offers a platform to save content, learn, and build new digital spaces based on passions and personal interests. Communities that form offer newcomers a chance to collaborate and learn from professionals of varying fields on the app as well.

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