Changemakers, activists, leaders of tomorrow–call them what you want, generation Z are poised to do great things.

A new report by Wunderman Thompson Intelligence, titled Generation Z: Building a Better Normal, features five clear sections that cover young people’s views on careers, identity, community, activism and brands, and draws on interviews with 1,000 Americans aged between 16 – 24 carried out in October 2020 as well as global insights into the same age group from throughout the year.

Self-belief, pragmatism, and optimism motivate this generation to work towards a better tomorrow, and they’re aware they cannot achieve this alone. Gen Zers are turning to companies and influential figures to help shape positive change—demanding ethics, transparency and a new set of values. “Do better” is at the heart of their mission and 85% believe brands should be about something more than profit, while 80% believe brands should help make people’s lives better.

Wunderman Thompson Intelligence's first in-depth coverage of generation Z was in 2015, where they noted this cohort growing up in tough times and learning from the mistakes of older generations. Fast-forward to 2020 and times are even tougher, with a global pandemic and new socioeconomic norms being introduced. However, the same maturity, passions, and global awareness continue to drive this generation to pursue better. Being the first true digital natives has helped them on this journey as they are able to find and create like-minded communities, work collectively to find solutions to big problems, and challenge the outdated status quo.

“Generation Z: Building a Better Normal” unpacks who this generation are, what they stand for, and their relationship with brands. It further explores how the pandemic has impacted this generation and opportunities for brands. The report includes 13 bespoke interviews with gen Zers around the world and original consumer data by Wunderman Thompson Data from 1,000 gen Zers across the United States, as well as interviews with experts and global examples. Gen Z are already building a better normal—are you?

Get the full report from Wunderman Thompson Intelligence here, and the Gen Z summary PDF below.

Gen Z Summary

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