The rise of the demanding consumer

Do you make or influence investment decisions to help your brand succeed on the Digital Shelf? Have you noticed that while your organization's capabilities may have increased, so have the demands of retailers and consumers?

With so many different sales channels and consumers creating their own customer journeys between them, there is a lot to manage to successfully sell your products online at scale. Introducing the part one of the Investment Opportunities for the Digital Shelf series: 'How to invest to win on the Digital Shelf'.

Download the first report of two and learn:

  • Why brands should invest in the Digital Shelf presented in CFO language
  • How consumers are inspired across multiple Digital Shelves
  • How to scale product range while still offering a superior brand experience
  • How key industry players reached Digital Shelf maturity

For organizations that create relevant and inspiring product experience for customers. Anytime, anywhere. This series will help you target the right future investments.

Shopping behaviour is changing more rapidly than ever. To stay in sync with the consumers, brands require continuous investment in their product experience management ecosystem.

Ilse Goverts van Kesteren

Lead Business Consultant PXM

The Digital Shelf matters

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Whether you are an experienced leader that frequently invests in technology and the adoption of it, or a newcomer to the Digital Shelf, this report will provide valuable insights and guidance on how to navigate this exciting and fast-changing landscape.

It's clear that the digital landscape has rapidly evolved over the past decade as more online touch points have come into the fold and managing those is becoming increasingly more complex. Technology will play a central role in shaping our future. By understanding the underlying technology factors that are shaping the Digital Shelf, investors can make informed decisions about how to best capitalize on the opportunities that are available.

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