Consumers are spending more on wellness, beauty, and uber-luxury experiences. Some top luxury brands are elevating their offerings to make their branded and shopping experiences intimate and exclusive for their top-paying customers.

A luxurious bathroom with a robe hanging on the right wall, a large, full bathtub with bowls of bath salts on a table top, a walk-in shower and a vanity sink display with a mirror hung, lit from behind.
Nobu Ryokan Suite bathroom in Malibu

Chanel plans to open private boutiques in Asia starting in 2023 to cater to its top clients. Chanel CEO Philippe Bondiaux stated that the brand will “invest in very protected boutiques to service clients in a very exclusive way.” After their revenue spiked 50% from 2021, reaching $15 billion, Chanel will increase its exclusivity and direct-to-consumer sales through these intimate shopping spaces.

Dior launched its first Spa Cruise in Paris in July. From June 29 to July 13th, interested customers could choose from a range of services to board the Dior Spa Cheval Blanc Paris cruise starting from 150€ for a one-hour pilates cruise to 1500€ for a private two-hour cruise for two people. The will run from 29 June to 13 July 2022. Once aboard, Dior consumers can enjoy the beauty brand’s luxurious spa treatments while floating down the river Seine. On the top deck, sailors can sun bathe atop branded lounge chairs beneath quintessential parasols. Below, treatment suites and a relaxation lounge await eager spa-goers, with a private section reserved for couples. Customers can choose from an array of classic spa treatments while aboard the two hour cruise, during which only five guests can attend at a time; an ultimate exclusive luxury experience.

Photo of the inside of a private luxury jet plane, featuring a bouquet of pink, purple, and white flowers on a counter and a set of four chairs around a table with wine and shopping bags on top.
Ryokan Retreat jet from Nobu Palo Alto. Photo by Monica Hoover Photography.

Nobu Hotels introduced a private jet experience as part of one of their luxury packages in July. The Ryokan Retreat package will be offered at the chain’s Malibu and Palo Alto locations, and will include two nights at each property, a private jet between each, priority dinner reservations at both locations, wellness amenities and a vineyard tasting experience in Silicon Valley. Guests are booking more than a luxurious stay here: they’re catapulted into a full, private luxury experience.

Consumers are looking for intimate, unique experiences, and these luxury brands are elevating their direct to consumer approach to make their offerings more exclusive, catering to top-spending clientele.

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