Italian luxury ecommerce retailer The Outnet recently curated an occasion wear edit where the dress code is “joy.” Shimmering dresses and colorful multi-layered garments make the edit that imbues “comfort, joy and sparkle” with bold accessories as the finishing touches.

Liberty London kickstarted 2023 with its Find Joy Within campaign, where multi-colored smiley faces takeover the Regents Street store and window displays. Collections include “feel-good fashion” and mood-boosting colorful jewelry that instills chromotherapy. "Wearing jewelry is an act of self-expression and for me, the perfect way to add some mood-boosting brights to your outfit,” says Ruby Beales, Liberty’s jewelry buyer. “Think candy palettes of enamel, neon beaded bracelets and juicy stone combinations. There are no rules: sprinkle it on or stack up contrasting shades. This is all about having fun.” In addition, the retailer spoke to the in-house team to discover daily rituals that helps them find joy within, answers include fragrances that provide an instant pick-me-up, forest bathing and a cup of tea.

British department store Selfridges launched Selfridges Celebrates in January aiming to encourage shoppers to plan for “moments in life that call for joyful celebration.” Playful installations and quirky characters by female artists including Angela Kirkwood took over its three stores in the United Kingdom.

In the fall, ecommerce retailer Terez launched its first physical store in New York City. As visitors enter the store they are struck by the vibrant pink walls, a whimsical balloon chandelier and its colorful fashion collections. The brand’s mission is to “celebrate the good parts of life” despite hardship that is experienced. The “good parts” are translated in its store design which sparks an immediate uplift for everyone entering. A Forbes article likens the experience to when “Dorothy steps out of her house and into the land of Oz.”

These brands are giving joyconomy retail a high-fashion twist with a bold and optimistic spirit, despite the economic woes that were forecast at the beginning of the year. Companies are tapping into the unbounded hope and positivity that people are channeling in the face of difficult times further shaping the joyconomy.

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