According to recent research by the MACH Alliance, 85% of organisations have increased MACH deployments in the past 12 months.

87% of those who have pushed ahead with MACH report gaining a competitive advantage because they are able to respond to changes in the market faster and keep up with customer demands better. But what does pushing ahead with MACH look like? How do you guarantee success in the long term?

As we’ve helped businesses transition to more agile, composable architectures over the last decade, we’ve noticed that journeys into MACH evolve into three distinct phases:

  1. Targeted, specific deployments of decoupled features that are added onto a legacy system with little overall impact to the existing tech estate.
  2. Mature MACH deployments start to involve extensive migrations of multiple parts of the ecosystem, with significant changes to the service and integration layer.
  3. Innovating with MACH takes place when organisations have completed the organisational and mindset shifts that composable approaches demand, not just the technological shift. This is when businesses can leverage the principles of MACH to drive significant gains through full bespoke solutions.

Each phase delivers clear business benefits, but we’ve also seen some common pitfalls that prevent organisations from really reaping those benefits and realising ROI.

So, we’ve developed this post-honeymoon guide to help you make the most of your MACH implementations.

Don’t just live with your composable architecture. Thrive with it! Download our guide now:

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