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Welcome to MACH 3.0, a special report from VML produced for MACH THREE, the third annual MACH Alliance Conference.

For us, MACH 3.0 represents a new phase of the composable journey. A phase defined by leveraging MACH architectures to create space for accelerated innovation and, more specifically, enable the race to drive value with AI.

At this point, MACH is no longer just an IT differentiator. For organizations looking to thrive in the age of AI, it is now very much a business differentiator.

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The conversation around MACH has gotten bigger. We’re starting to see marketing and business people involved in the discussions around MACH and what it can deliver. Working with MACH is driving change across organizations.

Jason Schlosser

Executive Director, VML

MACH 3.0 sets out practical considerations for embedding AI in MACH environments from experts across the VML network. It offers advice and best practice methodologies for unlocking value with MACH and AI, with a particular focus on Generative AI and Personalization. Download it now and take the next steps towards harnessing AI to power success in your business for many years to come.

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People who are looking at innovation will be working in a MACH way because it’s how modern development works. When you build out your infrastructure in a composable way, you can make incremental changes faster and faster.

Miriam McGinty-Lowe

Head of Cloud Engineering, VML

Talk to our MACH experts

Nick Harry black and white

Nick Harry

Chief Technology Officer - EMEA

Jason Schlosser Executive Director

Jason Schlosser

Executive Director Technology - North America

Glenda BW

Glenda Kok

Chief of Technology & Commerce - LATAM

Hasan Hasnie black and white

Hasan Hasnie

Chief Technology Officer - APAC

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