The latest retail and hospitality installations offer unique experiences for niche, like-minded customers that reflect a shift in consumer behavior toward deeper, more meaningful experiences.

Houseplant, the cannabis company co-owned by Seth Rogen, now offers a creative, relaxing retreat through Airbnb. Rogen is opening up his space in Los Angeles to those interested in booking an overnight stay, during which they will have the chance to hang with and experience some of the creative processes the actor puts into his work for Houseplant. The limited-time offer extends to three one-night stays, starts at the relatively affordable price of $42 a night, and includes a “glazed” pottery studio tour, snacks, music and pottery tips from the celebrity himself.

Image of a group of people in leggings and workout clothing stretching their arms out in dancing motions.
H&M Williamsburg, Move Studio

H&M debuted the second chapter of its “Move Studio” as part of its rotational and themed location in Williamsburg. Revealed in January, the “tactile playground” celebrates all bodies and encourages playful movement in the studio directed through a range of exercise classes: yoga, dance, pilates, and more. "H&M Move aims to democratize movement, making it fun, inclusive, and stylish; exactly what the latest chapter of H&M Williamsburg is all about," Head of Customer Activation & Marketing for H&M Americas Linda Li said in a press release.

The Danish brand Vipp Palazzo opened a pop-up hotel in the 13th century Palazzo Monti that celebrates the culture, design, and historical artistic residencies of the Palazzo. Guests can stay in the “livable installation” from April 18 to May 18 this year for what Vipp owner Kasper Egelund called the “curated design experiences,” composed of blended designs and architecture of historical and modern origins.

Communities of consumers with unique, bespoke interests are flocking to spaces that reflect their craft and hobbies. These pop-ups offer relevant, meaningful interactions with others who appreciate similar fads, fun, and pursuits.

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