This year, Vintner’s Daughter released its third product, the Active Renewal Cleanser. The 10-year-old beauty brand is diligent in nurturing its products with a slow and attentive approach. “I started Vintner’s Daughter to apply the same methodical commitment to quality and craftmanship to skincare that I knew from my winemaking background,” founder April Gargiulo tells VML Intelligence.

A less is more ethos is applied to Gargiulo’s skincare range which prioritizes whole plants over synthetics and extracts. She believes that quality and high-performing standards come with a great deal of craftsmanship and time. “We spend weeks, not hours to make every bottle capturing every ounce of powerful nutrition in the most optimum ratios,” Gargiulo explains. The latest release took four years to master its formulation before release and fans of the brand which include Gwenyth Paltrow and Tracee Ellis Ross will be delighted.

Stella McCartney and LVMH launched the beauty line Stella in summer 2022, which comprise of three essential products—a cleanser, moisturizer, and serum. In a statement McCartney says, “we worked hard for almost three years with LVMH constantly evolving and aiming for what I felt was possible: rooted in nature, truly effective and responsible skincare. It’s a gamechanger and I want to share it with everyone.”

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Stella skincare. Image courtesy of LVMH

Wild Beauty forages ingredients from the Rhug Estate in North Wales, owned by Lord and Lady Newborough. The skincare products are formulated with wildcrafted and organic ingredients including nettle and elderflower, chosen because of its high-performing properties. The nature of wild foraging and the changing seasons requires meticulous preparation. “I start planning my calendar now for the start of February to make sure we have enough time to collect those ingredients,” Richard Prideaux, the Estate head forager tells The Telegraph. “And we have a diary of weather; we want to know how it compares to last year.”

In Regeneration Rising 2021 report, 86% of global respondents expect businesses to play their part in solving big challenges like climate change and 88% believe sustainability should be a standard business practice. With the eco-conscious consumer in mind, some beauty brands are pumping the breaks and slowing production down in an attempt to change the industry constantly churning out products to sell.

“Slow beauty is a more mindful approach with a focus on less waste, better ingredients, and quality over quantity,” Gargiulo says. “At Vintner’s Daughter, we have been breaking beauty norms for a decade, and we are just getting started.”

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