The AI music space is witnessing explosive growth, spawning start-ups specialising in tools for music composition, voice cloning, production and more. According to, AI music will grow to $2.6bn within the next decade. Major players like Google, Meta and Microsoft are already active in the space, while Sony Music has even appointed an EVP of AI.

AI music tools now cater to every kind of user. For seasoned pros, platforms like Moises offer tools for audio separation, tempo changing, mastering and more. But further impact may come from apps designed for novices, that enable budding artists and content creators while offering convenient tools for brands and businesses.

In June, Byte Dance, parent company of TikTok, announced it was beta testing a new “music creation, composition and audio editing” app called Ripple that artists or creators can use to put together tracks, even by just singing or humming a melody into their phone. Mayk.It, another music creation app for beginners, can do the job of composer, singer and sound engineer, correcting pitch, editing and mixing in just a few clicks. Meanwhile global music tech company Epidemic Sound has just launched an AI music discovery tool (below) for content creators that can analyse video frames to recommend restriction-free audio that perfectly complements visuals.

Black computer screen showing a list of musical tracks and soundwaves Inset on the right is a small image of a mountain scene
Soundmatch by Epidemic Sound, an AI music discovery tool for content creators.

It's not just music that can be generated with AI. Voice cloning is another rapidly developing area of focus with tools that can quickly create vocal dupes of any voice. Voice Swap is an AI platform that will legally allow the use of cloned professional voices in return for 50% of royalties.

These tools are collapsing the barriers to music creation, as Akiva Bamberger, co-founder and CTO of Mayk.It recently told the Los Angeles Times, “we can help more people participate in music. We’ve done the work of going into the studio for you.” Participation will be democratized, redefining who gets to be an artist in the 21st century.

Major artists who can trade on personality, originality and quality have little to fear, although enhanced copyright protections for their compositions and voices will be key. But for those who make a living from background tracks and library music it seems inevitable that AI will erode opportunities. In a recent paper, Meta researchers admitted that generative models “represent an unfair competition for artists.”

We can help more people participate in music. We’ve done the work of going into the studio for you.

Akiva Bamberger

co-founder and CTO,

While bringing disruption in its wake, AI will undoubtedly shape the future of music, unleashing innovation and reshaping creativity. For an early example, see the American composer Holly Herndon, who has developed her own vocal clone Holly+ which can sing in languages she can’t speak, and in vocal traditions she has never learned.

AI will also unlock new musical collaborations, art forms and traditions we can’t yet imagine, as rapper told the Cannes Lions Festival: “Shouldn't we be imagining what a song is going to be for this new era? We should be thinking, what is music? What is your engagement? Is it personalised for you? Is it going to score your life specifically to how you're feeling? Let's dream up new ways with this tool because it's going to be freaking awesome.”

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