Luxury, large-label brands are looking to the big screen to reach new audiences. As street culture once infiltrated luxury brand designs and product launches, social media and film culture are now bringing a playful twist to high-end design.

Japanese animation company Studio Ghibli and Spanish luxury fashion house Loewe launched their third and final collection together in February. The limited-edition release is based on the animated film “Howl’s Moving Castle” by director Hayao Miyazaki: one of the most commercially successful films in Japan. Scenes from the film inspired jacket designs, accessories, wallets and bags. One character, the fire demon Calcifer, influenced one of Loewe’s newest fragrances.

The Mercedez Benz E-Class for fall of 2023 will be sold with a new infotainment system that notably includes TikTok in its app lineup. Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Källenius was quoted in TechCrunch stating that TikTok “is highly, highly relevant” as an app, notably in Asian markets. “We look at what [apps are] the most used — music or film [and] so on — and we tried to go down that list.” The infotainment upgrade will also include deeper integration with Google maps and other third-party apps on the automobile’s dashboard touchscreens.

The Intelligence take

Consumers spend a huge amount of time with screen content, whether that’s through their social media feeds or at the movie theater. According to Insider Intelligence, adult users are approaching an average of 60 minutes a day on TikTok as of March. The “Social Video ad Spending Forecast 2023” report by Insider Intelligence determined that video alone will account for 56.3% of the time that US adults spend on social networks, up 9% from 2021. Gen Z is particularly usage-heavy when it comes to small screens: 79% can’t live without their devices according to VML Data for VML Intelligence.

As a result, these brands are tapping into screen culture with surprising but timely activations to remain relevant with pop culture-focused consumers – especially young users.

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