The impact of AI on the workforce has been heavily discussed and speculated over recent months. Scare mongering headlines have expressed concerns that AI and automation will lead to widespread job loss and render human labour obsolete. However, these views are being challenged as advancements in AI are starting to create a multitude of fulfilling job roles.

Emerging roles in the AI workforce

An abundance of new positions harness the power of artificial intelligence. Among these is the role of the prompt engineer which entails writing prompts necessary to elicit the best responses from AI. PromptBase, a prompt marketplace launched in June 2022, enabling people to monetize their skills by offering prompt engineering services.

A growing number of companies are clamouring for this knowledge. Anthropic, a San Francisco AI start-up, is hiring a "prompt engineer and librarian" with a salary range of $280k - $375k. Applicants must “have a creative hacker spirit and love solving puzzles.” Outside of the tech sector, the American actor, musician, and producer Donald Glover took to Twitter in April to announce new opportunities at his multimedia studio GILGA, demonstrating the wide-ranging applications of AI skills. Glover was recruiting for an AI prompt animator and an AI prompt engineer to join his team.

Reskilling and upskilling in the AI era

As AI develops at pace, the importance of reskilling and upskilling the existing workforce is becoming essential. Seedily, a company that specializes in generative AI image making using Midjourney, recognize the need for training in this field. They offer personalized training sessions to enhance individuals and upskill entire teams in generative AI technologies, particularly focusing on marketers.

Chris Branch founder and marketing director of Seedily emphasizes the significance of continuous learning to navigate the ever-evolving AI landscape, “be agile and try to keep up with the ever-shifting paradigm that is AI” he tells VML Intelligence. “Being aware of what's about to become public (technology stack wise) is greatly beneficial to marketers so that they can either get early access to tools or know what is coming in their particular area of marketing to plan for it if they don't plan on using it.”

Two AI generated images. The first image depicts a black kitchen mixer in the gothic style of batman. The second image depicts a kettle in the gothic style of batman, there is a batman emblem on the front, there is steam rising from the top of the kettle.
Seedily by Paul Parsons

The Intelligence take

Advancements in AI are triggering a shift in societies understanding of technology’s impact on employment. Rather than solely replacing human jobs, AI is revealing its potential to create fulfilling positions. As AI continues to evolve and integrates across industries, work is undergoing a revolutionary overhaul, requiring new skills, and reshaping careers. Brands and employees should ready themselves for an AI-powered future where the workforce collaborates seamlessly with intelligent machines.

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