Cautious optimism sets the pace as the world reflects on the challenges of 2020 and looks to the new year for an economic rebound and societal healing.

The much-anticipated annual Future 100 Report maps the way forward for brands in a world where creative innovation is more important than ever. These forecasting trends are drawn from culture, technology, travel, branding & marketing, food & drink, beauty, retail, health, business and finance sectors.

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And for the first time, the report looks at work trends, as the dual forces of a mass shift to working from home and the rise in unemployment fueled by the pandemic, change our professional lives dramatically. In today’s landscape, there is an immediate need for brands to plan ahead and understand consumer behaviors. The Future 100 reveals which trends matter and why.

These wide-ranging trends look at creative innovations set to go mainstream along with shifts in consumer behaviours, across 10 different sectors.

The Future 100 Top Ten Take Aways

From the report, we've identified ten key takeaways that will give your business strategy the competitive edge. This includes the concept of branding together - changing the narrative from 'me' to 'we' as brands focus on collaboration over competition.

It's also no secret that almost every business around the globe has reworked their health and wellness portfolios. Our report takes a deep dive into what has been successful, and where the gaps still remain.

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Rounding out the top ten takeaways, The Future 100 report also examines the ethical scoreboard - which shines a light on how brands are hitting the mark with corporate behavior, and what comes up short.

Additionally, the focus on calmtainment encourages mindfulness and selfcare in a turbulent time for brands and consumers.

As the world begins to heal, brands, leaders and individuals will find tracking trends in The Future 100: 2021 an indispensable tool in creating a positive journey and a sustainable future.

For the full PDF version of our key takeaways, download the guide here.

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