Wunderman Thompson Intelligence presents "The Future 100: Trends and Change to Watch in 2022," our essential trend almanac offering a snapshot of the year ahead and the most compelling trends to keep on the radar.

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Join us on a journey into the near future, where daily life takes place in the metaverse and on a regenerative planet - and is packed with health-infused experiences, and more importantly, is defined by an optimistic outlook. Welcome to “The Future 100: 2022.”

The Future 100: 2022 charts 100 emerging trends across 10 sectors, spanning culture, tech, beauty and more. Highlights include:


Image by Hero Images Adobe Stock
Image by Hero Images Adobe Stock

Unbounded optimism: Brands are projecting a progressive and positive outlook for 2022, encouraging playfulness and creativity.

Tech & Innovation

WEB Keynote emojis
Microsoft Mesh

Virtual teleportation: Technologists are opening up digital portals into a new virtual dimension that offers more intimate, close-to-reality in-person interactions.

Travel & Hospitality

Clementine Avanti West Coast 3
Clementine and Avanti West

Meditative travel: meditative integrations are making every journey a mindful one.

Brands & Marketing

WEB 02 SUV BMW Embrace the Traffic Jam 1200
BMW poster by Brandalism

Brandalism: vandalism for good is hijacking ad space and exposing brands' missteps - demanding they do better.

Food & Drink

Bitsys SWIS Hproduct Fruit Punch

Liquid immunity: Wellness aficionados are quenching their thirst while supercharging their immune systems.


WEB Topicals Faded Approved
The My Topicals Faded serum with tranexamic acid

Acidic care: Skincare brands are homing in on the benefits of acidic ingredients.

Retail & Commerce

FENDI 57th Street Boutique 5
Fendi virtual flagship

Virtual flagships: Digital flagship stores are taking over ecommerce storefronts.


WEB louis vuitton
Louis Vuitton's Horizon speaker

Sonic luxification: Luxury brands from fashion to auto are investing in audio hardware, luxifying the listening experience.


WEB PRO Mandala Lab 0125
The Mandala Lab © Rafael Gamo, courtesy of Peterson Rich Office and The Rubin Museum of Art

Emotional health: Recharge zones for emotions are emerging in public spaces around the world.


WEB Nikeland on Roblox is the companys first step into the metaverse

Metaverse recruits: From virtual material designers to creatives across the board, companies are hiring for a metaverse workforce.

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