Defined by their conscious consumerism and passionate social pursuits, gen Z is influencing the workforce with more than their fresh young minds. 85% of gen Zers believe that brands should be about something more than profit and 78% believe that brands have a responsibility to build a better normal, according to our research. Gen Z’s impactful stance on wellness, sustainability, and inclusivity is being reflected in the brands they work for as much as the brands they shop from: 74% refuse to work for a company that goes against their values and 76% want to be proud of the brands they buy. As more of the generation ages into the workforce, their ideals are reshaping board rooms.

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Nerf Chief TikTok Officer Sophie Jamison
  • Chief TikTok Officer—Nerf introduced their first ever Chief TikTok Officer in April. A gen-Zer herself, Sophie Jamison will work with TikTok’s head of global marketing to engage Nerf’s audience directly through the platform.
  • Imagination consultant—Sun-Maid’s first Board of Imagination meeting was held on April 30th 2021. The board invites young applicants to take part in a panel where they will discuss the history of the company, their sustainable practices, and engage in company decisions and discussions.
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    • Ethics advocateH&M’s Role Models are reinventing the term, putting kids in the spotlight for change and advocacy. The brand announced in April that they will sponsor space for younger generations to moderate discussions around social and environmental concerns.
    • Chief Sustainability Officer—HSBC has announced Celine Herweijer as their Group Chief Sustainability Officer. Starting in July 2021, Herweijer will lead the company towards their internal climate goals and supporting client transitions, effectively balancing business while prioritizing planet.
    • Chief Impact Officer—Prince Harry joined startup BetterUp Inc. in March as their Chief Impact Officer, a position that will hold the company accountable and measure their tangible impact toward wellness goals. The wellness company provides coaching and mental health services to clients, and are looking to The Duke of Sussex to provide “impact through action.”

Why it’s interesting: This impact-driven generation of consumers has influenced brands to rethink their C-suites, not just their end products. Gen Z’s core tenets of sustainability, inclusivity, diversity, and wellness have cumulated in creative new positions aimed at driving these ideals from the top down.

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