Are you looking to shape your shopping experiences for the future generation?

Based on our latest research, Trailblazers of Tomorrow looks at the next generation of consumers – with a special focus on Generation Alpha – and the role that social commerce plays for them.

Planning for the future is vital, so knowing who Generation Alpha is, how they think, and how they shop is key to a future-proofed strategy. Knowing what channels they’ll use is essential too.

With this in mind, it’s important to recognise social commerce as a powerful route to market. Whether you're looking to refine your social media strategy, seeking to tap into new sales channels, or keen to understand the latest trends, this report will equip you with valuable insights and recommendations, to navigate the dynamic world of social commerce and deliver a step change in online transactions for our future shoppers.

Trailblazers of Tomorrow draws comparisons between over 2000 6-16-year-olds (Gen Alpha) and 2000 general consumers across the UK and the same number in the US, with respondents’ ages ranging from 17-55 plus, highlighting key trends and patterns. It uncovers key insights into how different generations interact with social media, their shopping habits, and their attitudes towards influencers and brand values, as well as their future expectations and concerns.

Download the report and start to shape your shopping experiences for the future generation.

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In the ever-evolving digital landscape, an omnichannel strategy that marries in-store, online, and social commerce is crucial

Our research shows Gen Alpha enjoys the experience of shopping in-store, just as much as online, and wishes it was easier to buy directly from social channels like Instagram and TikTok. To succeed, in reaching this currently misunderstood but attainable generation, retailers and brands must build a social commerce strategy that considers how consumers are using social channels for discovery and conversation if they are to supercharge their success.

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UK Highlights

28% of consumers have bought through social media platforms, but another 28% say they never will!

69% of Gen Alpha enjoys shopping in-store, in real life – the highest in any age group, while 63% enjoy shopping online.

15% of Generation Alpha’s spend in 10 years’ time is set to be via social commerce (but 28% will still be via physical stores).

Consumers spend a LOT of time on social media platforms. On average 2.39 hours a day.

The number one social media platform is WhatsApp (61%), followed by YouTube at 60%.

US Highlights

69% of respondents watch TV in their spare time. We think of youngsters spending all their time on digital devices, but 75% of Generation Alpha are fans of TV, second only to over-55s (81%).

Traditional TV is still slightly more popular than YouTube (70%) among the younger generation.

34% of Generation Alpha expect delivery in two days or less, and 45% won’t buy from anywhere that can’t deliver the next day.

50% of young consumers also say they are influenced by social media influencers, compared to 35% overall.

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