Crypto clubs and VIP NFTs are changing the way people dine, socialize, and connect in the virtual and physical worlds. Now, virtual memberships are extending into physical travel perks and exclusive opportunities for digital consumers with a travel bug.

The Lucky Ape Travel Club launched in April with a travel-inspired NFT collection. Each of the 10,000 minted NFTs offers a range of benefits: a room key at an exclusive resort, an access pass to an invite-only event, or a ticket to an exotic destination. Essentially, an NFT is a virtual ticket to physical travel-perks, and ownership of any of the NFT collectibles provides free stay at participating clubs.

As members of the Travel Club, NFT holders will also have access to members-only sessions in the metaverse, scavenger hunts, annual in-person parties, and access to the Odyssey Lounge: a restricted space on the Club’s website where holders can reserve their stay at member locations around the world. These benefits effectively foster a luxurious, members-based community centered around a passion for travel and cultural exploration.

Based out of Florida, Lucky Ape’s hotel collection consists of boutique hotels in Capetown, Buenos Aires, Rio De Janeiro, Bali, Tulum, Miami, and Sosua with the intention of expanding. The purpose of the project is to connect people in the physical world while growing a virtual community. Jeff Bordes, Lucky Ape Travel Club’s CEO and founder, said in a statement that “the metaverse and its supporting tokenomics are promising to really raise the bar of our links to reality and one another. LATC’s coordinates are found at the intersection of all those worlds: we enable our members to enjoy this reality while building another.”

The first NFT travel membership club launched in Asia in April as well. Based in Hong Kong, Tiger Being is a private travel club membership that consumers can join by purchasing one of their 4,096 collectible NFTs. Once members, holders will have access to the club’s participating hotels, airlines, private yachts, and exclusive destinations. Tiger Being outlined club access and possibilities in a statement: "members can participate in a series of exclusive experiences with their 'NFT pass', blending virtual and reality worlds, and share the joy of travelling without any restrictions."

NFTs are becoming the ticket to luxury perks and exclusive travel experiences—unlocking bespoke accommodations and unique destinations, and changing the luxury travel formula.

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