Lester Wunderman, the visionary founder of Wunderman, left an indelible mark on the advertising and marketing industry. His legacy continued as Wunderman evolved into Wunderman Thompson and eventually merged with VMLY&R in 2023, leading to the formation of VML, a global powerhouse in the advertising and marketing landscape.

In partnership with the 4A’s Foundation, The Lester Wunderman Scholarship Fund is uniquely designed to support talented students from diverse backgrounds. These students possess broad skills and varied lived experiences, all sharing a common aspiration to carve out a career in marketing. This encompasses the evolving practices of advertising, as well as direct, digital, mobile, and social media marketing.

To honor Lester Wunderman's enduring impact and ensure his legacy resonates for generations to come, this endowed fund aims to benefit students by awarding two (2) individuals $5,000 each to help them pursue their academic and professional goals.

Lester Wunderman's innovative spirit and commitment to fostering talent have left an indelible mark on the marketing industry. Through The Lester Wunderman Scholarship Fund, his vision of empowering the next generation of marketers is brought to life, offering promising students the financial support and recognition they need to thrive. As the advertising landscape continues to evolve, the fund stands as a testament to Wunderman's enduring influence and dedication to nurturing diversity and talent in marketing.

This year's winners include:

Jessica To

Jessica To

Georgia State University

"This award is a testimony that anything is possible! As a first-generation student, I entered college believing that pursuing ambitious opportunities were beyond my reach. 4 years later, receiving this scholarship the same day I received my acceptance letter to my dream graduate school is nothing but divine timing! I'm deeply thankful to the 2023 Lester Wunderman Scholarship selection committee for not only placing their faith in me, but also reaffirming that I'm following my true calling in the field of advertising."

Sara Khan

Sara Khan

Boston University

“I am absolutely elated! This is such an honor to be chosen, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to embark on this journey of growth and learning.”

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