São Paulo, February 2024 - The Paris Olympic Games are expected to be the most connected in history, breaking audience records. With this high visibility, athletes are taking on an even more prominent role as opinion formers and references for humanist values. It is this transformative power of sport that Vivo is seeking to amplify in its new campaign for this year's Olympic Games. With the motto "Gold is inspiring new times," the brand will use technology and artificial intelligence to strengthen the connection with the public through athletes, their achievements, and inspiring biographies, and value the audience's role in this transformative journey.

"As a sponsor of Team Brazil, Vivo wants to highlight the inspiring role the athletes have in the quest for Olympic gold, as well as the contemporary values they represent," says Marina Daineze, Vivo's Brand and Communications Director.

The campaign, created by VML, begins with the "Inspire" teaser, in which brand ambassadors Rayssa Leal, Vinicius Jr., and Italo Ferreira help set the tone for the conversation in this kick-off. By emphasizing the athletes' inspirational movement, the brand connects them to its "Live in your own time" positioning, which invites people to seek personal and collective well-being and believe in the power of sport to transform society.

Vivo is then launching the "Imagine the Scene" series, which will recreate important and inspiring points in each athlete's sporting career using artificial intelligence and the narration of its partner athletes.

Our campaign is not just about victories but about stories. We want to show how Brazilian athletes are an inspiration in the courts and fields and to foster social change.

Sleyman Khodor

CCO - VML Brazil

Seven Olympic athletes and brand ambassadors are participating in the campaign: Italo Ferreira, Gabriel Medina, Rayssa Leal, Vini Jr., Alison dos Santos, Ana Marcela Cunha, and Rafaela Silva. Throughout the competition preparation period, Vivo will take a series of other actions combining technology and AI that will highlight sport and its power to inspire.

Vivo and sports

Vivo understands that in an increasingly digital age, people are rediscovering the value of emotional connection. They seek closer relationships and human attitudes; they want real connections with the essentials, and Vivo understands this movement and connects with it uniquely.

Through sports sponsorships, the brand encourages people to experience the pleasure of outdoor life and connect with nature. It does this by sponsoring the Olympic spirit of Team Brazil, the waves of the WSL, the maneuvers of the SLS, and the incredible landscapes of Brazil with the Rally dos Sertões, among other teams and competitions.

The brand goes even further. In line with its positioning for a more sustainable world, it sees sport as a platform for valuing greener landscapes, cleaner waves, more welcoming cities, and a more inclusive society. Sport is the brand's manifesto for people's well-being and the planet's future. Live in your own time.

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