Anna is a Managing Partner and Connected Media Lead for EMEA at VML/Newcraft with over two decades of experience in digital marketing, ecommerce and management. Her role encompasses the strategic oversight of all expertise teams which sees her navigating the complexities of leadership, building teams of digital talent while crafting strong digital profiles.

Anna’s professional voyage commenced with a pioneering feat, establishing a social media presence for airline KLM. At Newcraft, she developed its Digital Marketing practice by fostering capabilities internally and externally.

Her experience, both on the client-side and at Newcraft, reflects a thorough understanding of Digital Marketing’s shifting nuances.

Anna’s leadership approach embodies pragmatism and progressive use of digital means and data - qualities that have consistently accelerated growth and brought sustainable change for her clients. She takes pride in her deliberate and thorough decisions and is able to strategically allocate investments between owned and paid media to increase business results.