Chandra has been working with advanced marketing automation, personalisation, loyalty programs and CRM for more than 20 years. Leading a deeply specialised team of more than 650 people, servicing clients around the globe, striving to enable large brands to humanize the relationship between the brand and the customer at scale.

He is passionate about helping leading companies around the world realise their visions of personalised consumer experiences and building long term customer relationships. He has played a key role in building some of the world's most sophisticated cross-channel and real-time CRM programs through an eclectic and balanced approach to insight, content, data and technology; from advanced audience management to hyper-personalised content management to drive business results.

He has vast experience in every part of the journey from creating high-level transformation strategies to executing tangible developments, use cases, and roadmaps.

Having accomplished things that had never been done before, he is known for making the impossible possible and thinking outside the box. Whether this was launching the first internet bank in the Nordics; helping Coca-Cola create the first-ever SMS campaign; integrating TV, SMS and internet live for the first time; or creating fully integrated experiences across all possible retail touchpoints in real-time.