Jason Carmel leads the Creative Data practice globally for VML, inspiring creativity and amazing expertise in data and technology.  

Jason’s team put a camera on a camel named Sarha to demonstrate Saudi Telecom’s wide and deep network coverage, even in the most remote parts of the desert.  They utilized a 20 year old CDC paper written about smallpox spread into code and updated it with COVID data to helping health and defense ministries predict and visualize the spread of disease.   Wunderman Thompson, with Jason at the helm, created an algorithm for a paint client that translated a person’s description of a color (imagine “Rose in the Sunshine”) into RGB values, aiming to create one of the largest language-based color libraries in the world, which is shortlisted for a Cannes Innovation Lion. 

Over his 20+ year career, has helped large brands, including Volkswagen, Microsoft and Coca-Cola, evolve and maximize their digital experiences based on real-time feedback and behavioral data. His favorite project was for WeCounterHate, where the Creative Data Group used Natural Language Processing to identify and score toxic speech on Twitter in a way that persuaded 20% of the perpetrators to remove their own hateful content from the platform.