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A complete platform to monetize digital and physical retail space

Retailers have access to a huge potential of additional revenue streams, by offering their channels as advertising platforms for brands. That’s why more and more retailers are tapping into retail media, also called ‘the third digital advertising wave’.

Streaem is the ultimate solution to drive retail media growth by letting brands and agencies set-up, run, and optimize campaigns on retailers’ channels.

How does it work?

Streaem is an easy to use, plug and play solution that helps retailers tap into the huge potential of retail media. It’s fully transparent, meaning the retailer stays in control of its own data, and customer experience. The data is only used for monetization purposes.

The user-friendly interface helps agencies and brands to continuously run and optimize campaigns on channels like the e-commerce platform, app, instore screens and email. We work with the retailers’ logic, such as personalization, merchandising rules or stock levels with flexible server side integration.

Enables brands to easily run sponsored campaigns on commerce platforms, while retailers maintain full control over their ad inventory.

Advertisers can set up native display campaigns with the ease of a few clicks, while retailers to stay in full control of their brand identity.

Brands can target their audiences in and around retailers’ stores via digital screens.

Both advertisers and retailers can leverage advanced targeting and segmentation tools to reach specific audiences and increase campaign effectiveness.

Streaem offers native campaign management capabilities including budget allocation, ad scheduling, and optimization.

Streaem's analytics dashboard offers comprehensive campaign performance metrics, real-time data visualization, and downloadable reports.

Retailers maintain full control over their channels, data and inventory and can manage inventory and targeting permissions at advertiser level.

An easy display approval flow where advertisers set up native display ads, while retailers can easily accept or reject ads and leave comments.

Retailers can gather the right insights on their dashboard, seamlessly manage yield and spot opportunities for their advertisers.

The first Retail Media App for the Salesforce Commerce Cloud

As a global platinum Commerce Cloud partner, we have collaborated with Salesforce to make Streaem the first B2C Commerce solution natively integrated into Commerce Cloud, with out-of-the-box Retail Media Capabilities.

Now available on the Salesforce App Exchange, Streaem plugs seamlessly into Commerce Cloud and gives retailers immediate access to the self-service benefits of the platform:

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John Molendijk

Managing Director, Streaem

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