For more than 40 years, Iranian women have suffered discrimination and violence under the Islamic Regime.

In September 2022, the death in custody of Masha “Jina” Amini a 22-year-old Iranian girl for not wearing her hijab properly ignited protests all around the country. Iranian women had had enough. Despite their protests, resilience, and bravery the rights of women in Iran are still being violated every day.

The future for Iranian women is terrifying.


We wanted to help. We wanted to let the world know what is happening—and how bad it could be if nothing is done. We wanted to inspire action.

“The one duty we owe to history is to rewrite it.” - Oscar Wilde

If we do nothing, what would history books tell us? Could we show that history is not yet written and that every action today can change the narrative?

We decided to use AI to get a glimpse into what the future holds for Iranian women, depending on what’s done to help shape it.


We used AI to craft a story about women’s rights in Iran as if it were 2026. A.IRAN explores the right to education, family dynamics, employment, representation in politics, and more—assuming nothing changes and we remain silent.

If readers take action, words and images change immediately, to portray a more hopeful future. From a social share to donations or volunteering, we show how actions today can literally rewrite a country’s future.

A.IRAN uses GPT-3/4 and Generative Art/Video trained on Iranian history and recent events under the current theocratic regime to write the story and create stunning and thought-provoking artwork.


A.IRAN, having just launched, has already made a lot of buzz within the community. The Iran Democracy Council has been contacted by many who have expressed interest in the project.

A IRAN 60sec 16x9

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