The Adecco Group, based in Zurich, Switzerland, is the world's second largest human resources provider and temporary staffing firm, operating in more than 55 markets across the globe. In its worldwide presence it faces the major challenge: how to consolidate and transform marketing operations to be more efficient based on clear brand governance.


In order to respond to this challenge, we first listened to individual markets and performed an in-depth "as-is" analysis of their needs.


The insights provided a clear solution: creation of a Marketing Operations Center managed by one global VML service team, operating standardized marketing services for the individual brands and markets, precisely describing and building on services with clear processes and deliverables.


To verify the global Marketing Operations Center model, the first service – digital asset production – was successfully tested and rolled out to the first group of the biggest markets. Within just 3 months, production expanded across all types of assets and the majority of markets. In the following 12 months, 4 more services followed, and 3 more are in the pipeline.

Within just 8 months, we have transformed Adecco Group’s local marketing activities into a global Marketing Operations Center providing clearly defined, highly efficient, consolidated marketing services, managed fully by VML.

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