Gaming in the MENA region is constantly on the rise. And during Ramadan, the region’s biggest season, gaming time increases as a result of shorter working hours and long active nights, with studies showing that 39% of gamers in MENA play longer during this time.

And when players are having fun, time flies by - research shows that 99% of gamers reported experiencing time loss while gaming.

But during Ramadan, this becomes an actual problem. People fasting need to follow strict times for eating, all based on sunset and sunrise. And so, they must be mindful of every minute, because missing a meal with family is not an option.

stc, Saudi’s biggest telecom, is proud of its Baity Games, a plan with an impressive 200 Mbps upload speed, promising the smoothest gaming experience ever. But its speedy connection is so good it becomes a problem.

So, we created the solution.


As the region’s most important season of the year,Ramadan is a time where brands advertise heavily.In order to stand out, stc needed to connect with the audience on a cultural level while meeting them where they were spending most of their time.

Showing respect to the muslim values is one of the key ways to connect with the muslim audience-which drives brands of kinds to communicate during this time.

79%of the Muslim community state they choose brands that resonates with their cultural values.


The first Fortnite game mod synced in real-time to connect games to meal-time.

We created an island on Fortnite that followed sun-light hours in Saudi Arabia, helping Muslim gamers keep track of time just by looking at the game skyline. That way, they could tell when to stop playing and join their families at the dining table for Iftar and Suhoor, the two main meals of Ramadan.

The island is based on the map of Saudi Arabia, with mountains, cliffs, deserts, the sea, a modern city, and a traditional village. It also had challenges and side-missions inspired by Saudi hobbies, like camping, falconry, and dune bashing.

The ‘Baity Battle’ campaign is a first-of-its-kind in-game solution for a real-world problem faced by millions in the region and connected with consumers during the busiest time of the year.


Baity Battle impacted +4MM players through Fortnite’s Discovery Screen, where it was featured during the entire month of Ramadan.

12MM in-game.

+16% increase in subscription to Baity Games, stc’s fiber connection plan dedicated to gamers.

Zero family meals missed

Stc baity battle case study 2

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